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One thing is for certain, I do not lack ideas. This is a fairly new website though, so many of my ideas haven’t made the site yet. I will share with you my project list. I hope that you like some of the ideas and you come back soon to see if I have developed them into full-blown how-to articles. 

Another reason that I publish the list of projects is so that you can provide me some feedback and/or ideas about what things you would like read about. So, Here is my idea list. I pulled it right from the book proposal that I submitted to my publisher. They haven’t decided if they like it enough to buy it yet. 

Kookouts – Kooky Cookouts 

The Premise: Americans love a great cookout. Food, family, friends, and fun should combine to make a great party. Unfortunately, all over America cookouts aren’t performing. The family and friends appear, but the fun fails to materialize. Don’t worry. We’ve got the cure! 

Kookouts is inventor and best-selling author Tom Nardone’s take on crazy cookouts. He will create a theme, ideas, and fun activities for tired and traditional parties. These events will have flavor, not just on the menu, but the setting, the activities and especially the mood. 

Backyard barbecues are a popular activity and they will only become more popular with these silly techniques. Tom will help entertainers everywhere transform a regular party into something to be remembered. Forever.

Some Example Party Ideas:

• Turducken and Beyond – Crazy Barbecue Creations 

• World’s Largest Game of Hide and Seek

• A Pirate Party – Complete with Treasure Map

• Giant Bubbles – Party For Kids Of All Ages

• A High-Falootin’ Watermelon Tasting – For The Foodies

• Disco Dance Party – Throwback Party For Dancing Fools

• Star Wars Themed Barbecue – Nerdfest!

• Wacky Races and Silly Olympics

• Tubing To The Extreme – Moving the party to the river

• Giant Food Party – 3 foot hotdog, 10 lb. burger, 5 lb. pretzel, Giant Popsicles (see photo)

• Deciding The Family’s Grand Eating Champion 

• A Survivor / Fear Factor Party

• The Kiddie-Pool World Championships

• Our Own Carnival – Rent Rides, Make Food, Have Fun

• Prank The Parade – Ways to Mess With The Holiday Parade

• Super Campfire Cookout – Custom Weenie Roasters and S’Mores Makers

• World’s Largest Water Fight

• The Gross-Out Grill – Disgusting Yet Delicious Foods

• Backyard Mini-Golf Course

• Group Bicycle Ride – A Mobile, Human-Powered Party

• Fishing Contest – Fun Fishing Contest and Fish Fry

• Super-Sized Slip and Slide – For Adults and Kids

• Camp Out – With Fun Inventions and Scary Tricks

• Backyard Movie Night and Popcorn Cooking

• The Great Ice Cream Event – Invent It, Make It, Eat It.

• Fireworks Alternative – 10 Ways To Replace The Danger

  • Grandma Is Tired, Let’s Fake The Cookout

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