Hi, my name is Tom. Thanks for visiting my site.
I’m not sure if you are curious about me, but I will tell you my story anyway.

It might surprise you to know that I make sites like this one as part of my job. I can’t specifically say that I get paid for THIS site, but it is new and I am still working on it. I can say that other sites that I have developed make money and fund my life. So, I suppose that I am a professional web entertainer, but not a famous one or anything. I guess if building websites was like playing music, I would be that not-so-talented guying playing in a hotel bar. I may be a bit of a hack, but I’ve found a way to make some money at it.

I am a husband and Dad (I have three kids) and we all live in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. I just turned 40 years old.


Here is a list of some other websites I have done that I think you might like.

1. I am most famous for ExtremePumpkins.com. It is the world’s best website about pumpkin carving.
2. ExtremeHolidayIdeas.com is a good one too. If you like to have fun around the holidays, this is a great site.
3. EnvironMentallyChallenged.com is one that I am working on right now.

I’ve written some books, you can find them on Amazon here:

1. Extreme Pumpkins
2. Extreme Pumpkins II
3. Extreme Halloween (my favorite of the bunch)

I’ve also been on TV a bunch of times, which I enjoy quite a bit. Here I am in Times Square on Good Morning America!

If you want to be my facebook friend, look me up. My name is Tom Nardone.

Here is a short video that shows me making some appearances. I am trying to use this video to springboard my TV career into a show on basic cable! If you know anyone involved in the TV business, please forward it along to them.

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